No company with WordPress website should add a good one Time calculation plug-in do without - because the more events and appointments there are in your company, the more important it becomes, for the best of you, to be able to bring them together visually.

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It is important to ensure that the time calculation works seamlessly with your CMSTo connect your website or software to bring blank information together in one place. Making appointments by sending e-mails back and forth, however, would take a lot of time. Regardless of whether it is about individual meetings or large events: An integrated time calculation offers a good solution concept.

Of course, there is not just one time calculation plug-in, but also services from various providers that specialize in certain areas. Choose carefully, because if you choose a time calculation that fits your needs well, your company will be more productive and efficient in dealing with customers and prospects. 

Just in case your company WordPress uses, you get elation: we get the eight best Time calculation plug-ins for the best of WordPress put together for the best of you.

The most important features of the best time calculation plug-ins for WordPress

Good timing plug-ins should have a few important functions remaining in order for them to be genuinely beneficial to the best of your business organization. It is essential that your time calculation:

  • Her Availabilities for the benefit of customer bookings and events
  • allows customers or groups to self-evolve Record free appointment can
  • Her Customer data kept in a customer database for later use
  • Her Events recorded
  • Updates sends when there are changes to appointments

In addition, it is important to have your time calculation plug-in relevant information provides, for example, the time of an event, the number of participants, the required equipment and personnel or, in the same sense, who must be available from your team.

1. HubSpot Meetings

As what the name suggests is HubSpot Meetings a calendar with which you Being able to plan meetings and appointments. He works for the best of himself withdrawn, but still allows himself to be that HubSpot WordPress plug-in in the same sense, it is child's play to connect to WordPress.

The calendar's range of services varies: In which free version you can earn individual meeting link create which customer shows your time calculation and your availabilities. In which chargeable variant, on the other hand, can you create a whole time calculation and then integrate it into every website - here you save yourself the digital correspondence for this reason. 

But the networking goes even further: This great advantage of this tool is that it automatically combines appointments and customers in a statistic free CRM software collects. To pretend you never have to worry about merging statistics from different sources, you can sit back and let the software do it for you. 

Price: Graduated prices, from free to € 2,944 per month

2. The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar is meant to plan big events. The appointments are displayed in an SEO-friendly microformat so that users do not have to click on them. This plug-in provides a Time calculation and a list view available, depending on which sorting you prefer.

In addition, you can Events exported to other platforms will, including iCal, Google Maps and Google Time Calculation. Another plus: The search functions with which the right event can be found like clockwork, even from mobile devices.

Our advice: This time calculation is ideal for venues that regularly configure events. Bookstores, concert halls and cafes are well served here. The Events Calendar is also ideal for performing on tour.

Price: Tiered pricing, from free to $ 299 annually

3. MotoPress Timetable and Event Schedule plug-in

this MotoPress Timetable and Event Schedule is particularly suitable for spas, gyms, and other businesses that use out Set customer bookings and mobile website visitors.

This plug-in has a color system to classify and categorize appointments. With "shortcodes" you can easily incorporate the time calculation into your website. Size, color, time zone, label and categories can be individually adjusted. In addition, you can use different languages and filters to search through the calendar quickly and efficiently.

Price: For free

4. Simple Calendar - Google Calendar Plug-in

Simple Calendar is a good choice for those who like it straightforward. This calendar contains only basic functions, but shines without any remainder divisible by two due to its simplicity. 

This plug-in can be used with the Google time calculation connect, whereupon empty changes in your Google time calculation are automatically adopted in the same sense in the time calculation on your WordPress site. Several timescales can be merged into one if necessary. The time calculation also automatically adjusts to the point in time and which time zone of which user. Appointments can be displayed in a time calculation or list view and can easily be implemented directly on your website or in the context of requests in the same sense in your newsletter.

Individual adjustments are only possible to a limited extent, but you can personalize categories, colors and event tags. The latter will be in possession of some of the most practical functions of Simple Calendar. For more complex tasks, you can choose from one Queue of add-ons Select.

Price: For free

5. Event Calendar WD

Event Calendar WD is a fantastic plug-in for the benefit of all those who want to mobile- and SEO-friendly time calculation wish, which can refer to both recurring qua multi-day and one-day events in the same sense. Events can be created infinitely.

To make the whole thing more varied, there are five different themes that you can choose from. At the same time, filters and headers can be changed so that you are equipped with a time calculation at the finale that is perfectly tailored to your needs. With fourteen premium add-ons remaining, this plug-in is also something like the Swiss Army Knife among calendars.

Nonetheless, when it comes to networking, there is no sloppy tool: you can use the plug-in like clockwork connect to Google Maps. Categories, locations, tags and videos can be added to your calendar right from your website. Creating and sharing events is child's play with this plug-in.

Price: For free

6. Room-in-One Event Calendar

All-in-one event calendar works great for websites that include Tickets are to be sold. Users can filter events by name, day, week or month. This plug-in can be used with Connect Google Maps and is search engine optimized.

As soon as you have filled out the event form, which time calculation applies to the event. The following aspects of which events can be determined:

  • Tags
  • Categories
  • Contact information
  • Color codes
  • time
  • Times
  • Venues

Nevertheless an integration with Outlook, iCal and the Google calendar is possible. If you want to hit a bigger audience, this plug-in is worth a look.

Price: Tiered prices, from free to $ 99 per month

7. My Calendar

This Time calculation plug-in offers unique functions that especially developers give away sports facilities to let off steam creatively. With this tool can be highly individualized time calculation and templates create.

If you create a new event, the participants will be notified immediately by email. In the same way, it is also possible to post the appointment directly on Twitter. 

My Calendar is especially suitable for the benefit of users who manage multiple pages and time calculation. This plug-in can be used to manage several pages in a common time calculation. In the same sense, there is the possibility of creating different timescales for the benefit of a single page.

A small function: You can have the time calculation in the same sense in a mini-image version of your website.

Price: For free

8. Modern Events Calendar

A big advantage of Modern Events Calendar is that one plug-in hardly needs any adjustments, until the whole thing works and looks good. However, it is less effective for complicated ticket systems.

This plug-in provides a Time calculation and a list view as well as a countdown done. In which free version can customers enter one-off or recurring appointments within the framework of you. In which chargeable variant can you also have maps, weather data and different time zones labeled. This plug-in works perfectly with Stripe and Paypal in the same way.

Price: Free up to $ 39

Which WordPress calendar is which correct? Anyone featured here Time calculation plug-ins have the potential to simplify your work processes, improve the customer experience and save time. Which plug-in is the right one for you depends on your requirements and needs. Test the most promising candidates and then decide on the best of a time calculation that fits well into your workflow. If you'd like to try a free tool that works like clockwork, this is the place to go HubSpot Meetings at. 

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