Credible praise from employer portals such as Kununu is an effective flagship for any business owner. Ideally, for this purpose it ensures that primarily qualified applicants upwards of your company become intensive and apply.

And besides potential customers and upwards, enthusiastic “insider” assessments are fascinating. Because positive testimonials convey a fundamental satisfaction to those employees and show that they are proud of their job. That strengthens them Employee retention.

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Of good ones Kununu reviews The public perception of a company can therefore benefit in several ways. In our product, we give you practical tips on how to get more positive reviews and clarify which pitfalls you should avoid.

Appreciating the company owner: Witness Kununu living with satisfied employees

The experience shows that there are many upwards Review portals x times, above all, the dissatisfied users speak up, while the satisfied ones hide in silence. However, even a small database of negative assessments can result in a company suddenly being in a bad light, which it neither deserves nor deserves it.

The crux of the matter here is that the satisfied employees usually see no reason to explain their company owner online. In case of doubt, many contacts neither have nor secondary to the Kununu platform or hold back because they are not intellectual that they have the opportunity to host the company's gig to help shape it positively

You should change that: Because the employer or company owner at least gives you the opportunity to make your Kununu profile better known in the company. If you are of the opinion that the majority of your employees feel comfortable in your company, specifically let them know your up high Kununu profile.

In order to combine initial experiences, you have the secondary option of first addressing individual employees whose encouragement you can firmly trust. That can get the rock rolling, because many people find it easier to inherit an order when others have already expressed themselves.

Incidentally, if you already have one or more bad reviews of your company residing at Kununu, for example from former employees, this is no reason to hide your profile from your employees. On the contrary: Satisfied employees perceive themselves to be unstable when their company owner is publicly vilified. Opposing your positive opinion is a matter of course for many.

Hence, do not hesitate to highly inform your loyal workers of the situation and them to give jump start for appreciation. In the same way, you can ensure positive entries that bring the overall impression of your company back into balance.

Kununu ratings: Take a stand on positive and negative reviews

Doing reviews doesn't have to be a one-way street. As you counter upwards positive and marginally upwards negative reviews, show the person who wrote the item that you are Number up the feedback

Thank you for any positive reviews

For the sake of good order, you should thank you in every core, because the employee who wrote the positive criticism has after all voluntaristically done something for you as the company owner. Even with a short "thank you" you squeeze Appreciation and gratitude the end.

Other contributors can perceive themselves to be motivated to write a positive order for you as a secondary matter. C / o potential application candidates, your reaction also makes a good impression.

Negative reviews: Make sense of it constructively and stay impersonal

In many cases it makes sense to counter negatively negative criticism. On the one hand, with a matter-of-fact and polite reaction, you can prevent that negative item from developing its own momentum and having a discouraging effect on upward readers. Another thing is show that you care about bad order.

The following applies here: Basically, get through criticism especially how constructive and like imponderability for each of your business. Perhaps there is a grain of truth in it, for example when an applicant high a bad experience in the application process writes.

With an impersonally well-founded, short reaction, you can not only pay for the negative impression, but under certain circumstances it may not matter circling in the positive.

In addition, you should be careful not to disclose names and personal statistics, in order not to create the impression that you would react by revealing that personal information.

Kununu: Company owners should set up voluntariness

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for company owners to press their employees to give them good reviews upwards of Kununu. However, this is not a good idea as it runs counter to the purpose of one positive and trust-based working atmosphere to create, which in turn generates positive reviews. 

But incidentally, for very selfish reasons, the “good order out of compulsion” is not recommended: Because if word gets around that employees under pressure lead to positive reviews, this can even be done for the company owner legal consequences afterwards - keep silent from the negative reviews that will certainly follow Kununu.

The logical conclusion is that authentic, positive Kununu assessments can only grow from a positive work environment.

On the other hand, there are few business owners who want to motivate their employees with a species of reward system to give you good reviews. Incidentally, this approach is dubious. It is true that these are not purely fake reviews, of course Reviews should be given voluntarily and out of conviction, not a reward for everyone. 

The principle of “order against remuneration” is generally not valued as the way to honest assessments, how irrelevant that Higher Regional Court of Frankfurt am Main recently decided.

Kununu himself goes on pointing out wrong and wrong spurious ratings consequently afterwards, because Transparency up the job market is the declared aim of that platform. If, for example, purchased and superficial reviews make a name for themselves, this throws a very bad light on the company - that damage to its image is preprogrammed here.

Kununu: Erasing the worst order, how does that work?

C / o dismissed employees it happens umpteen times that after their dismissal they “lower swaths” upwards Kununu. With their utterances, they are now sometimes aiming high. Because you do not have to be a business owner, however Lies, insults and unlawful reviewssuch as accepting fake reviews or the disclosure of internal company information on the paradigm. 

In such a core you can do the deletion just suggest living at Kununu or hire a lawyer specializing in reputational law to do so. Both Kununu and, incidentally, a legal advisor then check whether the statements are still permissible or should be deleted. 

Conclusion: Kununu ratings are flagship for every corporate culture

Employer portals such as Kununu add immense strength to the external impact of companies. More and more employees, certainly incidental customers, are getting high kununu Insight into working conditions and corporate culture. In this respect, it is advisable that you do not leave your Kununu reviews to chance or ignore them.

You can achieve a higher number of positive assessments, for example, while informing your employees of the company profile residing at Kununu, because Kununu has not used up contact.

By take an appreciative position Upwardly positive and, above all, incidentally, upwardly negative reviews, you can also show yourself outside afterwards, such as critical, attentive and interested company owners - which is guaranteed to improve your chances of living with qualified applicants.

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