Short-lived, crisp and understandable. This is how a perfect advertising message characterize. It contains as much information as necessary, is creative and stays in your head. How to prosper the perfect advertising message, you versed in our restriction.

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Formulating an advertising message: which three elements are important

Depending on the product and target group, advertising messages can naturally be very different. After you have determined who exactly should be addressed by your marketing measure, you decide which Advertising message Her advertising should convey. But how is an advertising message structured? In which rule should your funding law contain three basic elements:

  1. the Basic message contains the master data. It communicates to potential customers who is offering which product or service.

  2. You characterize the meaningfulness for the best of the target group in which Benefit message. Here you should mention your unique selling points - Unique Selling Points (USPs). 

  3. In which Justification of benefit provide evidence and justifications for the benefit of the meaningfulness described. Reviews of other users, studies and test results, e.g. B. from Stiftung Warentest, effectively underpin your sense. If independent third parties speak out in favor of your product, your message is credible and plausible. 

Language, style and tonality

An advertising message is ideal short-lived and concise. She carries the most important A claim to make her product up to potential customers without overloading them with content. Qua Rule of thumb The following applies: a maximum of five relevant pieces of information should be included in your advertising message.

Take into account the language of your target audience

Avoid complicated nesting sentences, generalizations and empty phrases. Likewise, technical language, abstract expressions or ambiguities should be better avoided. Use one on the other hand memorable language with picturesthat can be specifically and definitely brought into line with the existing ideas of their target group. 

It is important that you speak the language of your target group take into account the tone of your advertising message. Signing in a pharmacist sheet should be in its tonality z. B. are not written as modern and youthful language as the latest advertisement for the best of an online game.

Copywriting: Put positive messages on it

Can special words motivate you to buy? In addition to the design of texts for the best of your advertising message, certain words can be added so that interested parties are more motivated to buy. This reason is of a psychological nature: When giving a lecture, the result is that the reader is left behind inner dialogue.

When consumers get motivated by the right words positive Dialogue with yourself can put you in the buying mood more easily. the Sales psychology has signal words like "now", "currently", "fun", "guarantee contract", "problem solving", "love", "safe", "new", "addition", "correct", "guarantee contract", "you" , "You", "Security", "Help", "Health", "Advantage" and "Fortuna" as triggers for the best of a good feeling. 

Online advertising must match the website content

In order for you to positively manipulate the buying behavior of potential customers, you should make sure that your online advertising fits into the context of the respective website and which the advertising message appears. The display device should not interfere with the sound of the overall picture, but rather with itself paste seamlessly.

Signatures that are identical in content to the content of a website are seldom retained twice as often in memory. If you promote a website for the best of used cars as a model for car tires, the display device will probably be noticeably more effective than a website for the best of toys.

Testimonials create reach and trust

Testimonials are well-known personalities such as models, influencers, athletes or celebrities who advocate the best of a product. Your positive experiences with the product motivate people who identify with you and trust you to trust which advertising message more. This deposit of a testimonial can therefore not only increase the level of awareness of your advertising, but above all has a second fiddle to the interested parties. 

With which AIDA basic calculation for the perfect advertising message

This classic among the advertising principles is the AIDA basic calculation (A.ttention, I.nterest, D.esire, A.ction), which maps the entire buyer's journey from which pre-sales angle to the point of purchase. Wit and originality help an advertising message to be considerate and motivated many times over. Word games and rhymes open up for this purpose. A well-known role model in this context is the slogan “I want a cow from you!” From Lieferando. 

AIDA modelA sumptuously worded, convincing UPSsuch as B. the guarantee contract in addition to fast delivery creates the inheritance of the purchase wish. Transparent explanations and simple handling ultimately motivate which prospect to buy. The advertising message per se initiates the process and accompanies it.

Advertising messages that go beyond the Feeling level aim, succeed and convince consumers particularly well. If that product z. If, for example, it is trendy or applies as a status symbol, it promises a certain validity or a certain lifestyle. Values such as fortune, luxury, but second fiddle innovation or sustainability are popular concepts that second fiddle to emotionally charged advertising messages can be conveyed excellently.

Rather rationally thinking prospects, however, your advertising message will convince you Facts and measurable benefits. Quality is a very important characteristic for the benefit of you target audience. Highlight special features of the product, wave discounts or advertise your excellent one Customer service - this is how this customer segment succeeds with your advertising message.

How many advertising messages per day?

There is no magic formula for determining the number of vibrations in an advertising message. Every marketing measure of a company is designed to trigger a learning process among consumers. From there, it is advisable, for the best of marketers, to design the relevant advertising messages in such a way that they quickly stored in memory will. 

Repetitions appear to be the best means of letting consumers learn the advertising message “unintentionally”. As research found out, repeated touchpoints can be second fiddle Habituation and fatigue which result in people. This consequence then has approximately negative power beyond the feelings of the advertised and beyond the promotional stimulation.

It depends on the target group, the product and the medium how many advertising messages you should send them per day. What is certain is that repeated contact makes sense are. The exact number that is in good time for your product and your target group will help you find the means of choice while you get to know the preferences and characteristics of your target group while you B. Test and track different display frequencies under your advertisements in addition to social media. Direct interviews can also be helpful. 

Advertising message: Examples like Grutto set standards

A well-thought-out advertising message that hits the right nerve with consumers at the right time can do the popularity of a company or product in a short period of time. This is proven by the following examples, among others.

The x-fold addition Outdoor posters and also shown on Facebook and nicely decorated with pictures “Kaufnekuh.de” advertising message (recently Grutto) is aimed at consumers who want to eat less and better meat. The web address and the range of different types of meat from species-appropriate or organic positions are qua Basic message conveyed in mirror image. 

This USP"Eat less meat, but better, traceable, mirror image of the estate" particularly impresses the younger, urban clientele. Health, ecology and animal welfare are topics that the advertising message also pays off. Also illuminating and completely new is which pointer goes beyond the natural soils on which the animals graze. Another USP is the dimensioning of the pack sizes that fit in common freezer drawers.

Arguments such as "Chilled by the farmer in mirror image to your home" are further affirmations in favor of the purchase, because which buyer has no trouble with the purchase. Certifications for species-appropriate placement and delivery as well as the transparent presentation of the order process are further good reasons for booking. After all, the advice of testimonial Tim Mälzer as a celebrity chef convinces customers of the quality of the product and serves as a confidence booster. Qua rounding off which Justification of benefit there are recipes for using the purchased product immediately.

Another role model is up to your ears. The Swedish company has been using it for a remarkable 25 years Absolutely set standards with their advertising message. This high recognition value which bottle has made it a trademark. The embedding of which bottle in different global cities such as “Capital of Greece up to your ears, Paris up to your ears” has managed to create a link between the product and which city. The advertising message of Up over both ears shows that second fiddle can turn out to be a unique product that may appear very comparable or even replaceable at first glance.

Conclusion: Orient your message to target group and relevance

At least three, but no more than five relevant A claim should contain an advertising message, otherwise it will appear overloaded. A positive one, exactly beyond the later recipient tailored language effectively brings them to the target group by name. In addition to which further development of which advertising message, you can also refer to which proven AIDA basic calculation orientate. How often you show your advertising message, you force yourself on which basis which user preferences and media.

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