At whatever time, when companies have always interacted with customers, there are opportunities to change the purchasing decision process in a positive way. For the attention of the marketer, it is especially important in these crucial moments that the Customer needs to be recognized and precisely met.

Which so-called "Moments of Truth"There is in this customer journey and how you can use the" Zero Moment of Truth "as companies as possible for your own benefit, knowledgeable you in this fee.

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Moment of Truth: Review of these most important touchpoints in this customer journey

Moments in which potential customers come into contact with a product are groundbreaking in favor of the further purchase decision process.

Two points in time in this customer journey are particularly important in this case: this one First Moment of Truth (FMOT) and this one Second Moment of Truth (SMOT). However, the customer journey also includes other crucial points in time:

  1. stimulus: The potential customers are given a buying incentive to think through Advertisements. The same genre of push marketing is intended to concentrate consumers on a product. 

  2. First moment of truth: Potential customers are curious about a product and take a closer look at it. This is the first interrelation and this first "moment of this truth".

  3. Second moment of truth: The customers have acquired the product and test the individual properties themselves for the first time. This is this second “moment of this truth”.

  4. Third Moment of Truth or Ultimate Moment of Truth: This moment also takes place after the purchase and describes the point in time at which customers report independently about the product. If companies manage to benefit consumers in their favor in the second moment of truth, there is a possibility that they will recommend the product to others at this next pace. The same reference can in turn act as a stimulus for other potential customers, so that this process starts all over again.

Zero Moment of Truth: An extension of this customer journey

Which Zero Moment of Truth expands the customer journey by adding more Point of contact. While the consultation and purchase process used to take place privately and on site at the branch, digitalization has permanently changed the purchasing behavior of these consumers.

As the name suggests, this Zero Moment of Truth is before the First Moment of Truth and represents an important point in time in this customer journey.

It is this second when consumers even before they buy a product looking for answers that will satisfy their needs. This course was first introduced in 2011 by Jim Lecinski, Google's former Vice President of the US Sales and Tableware Division E-book presented.

How exactly this Zero Moment of Truth looks like differs depending on the target group and product. In the ZMOT, the needs of potential customers online are divided into four different "micro-moments":

  • I-want-to-know moments: Consumers are unreservedly looking for helpful information, inspiration or tips.
  • I-want-to-go moments: Consumers are looking for information that targets up possible visits, mindsets about business hours or on-site inventory.
  • I-want-to-do moments: Consumers are looking for specific instructions such as tutorials, how-tos or guides.
  • I-Want-to-Buy Moments: Consumers look for products that they can purchase.

When four moments have been used up, the same applies: Which consumer is already at a counter in this customer journey where he or she is precisely looking for information and a purchase not listless is. 

The same receptivity offers marketing teams the opportunity to use Marketing measures to deliver relevant information and to benefit from yourself. All of this happens before the First Moment of Truth.

ZMOT measures in favor of companies: Recognize and meet customer needs

With the Zero Moment of Truth it becomes clear that potential customers deal with a product or company much earlierhow this core was in this traditional customer journey. This gives companies the opportunity to provide consumers with the necessary information in a targeted manner at any time and to make positive changes to their purchasing decisions.

In order to meet the needs of your customers and to use the Zero Moment of Truth for the benefit of your company as much as possible, you should adhere to the following principles:

Create a "Moments Map"

Examine the different phases of your customer journey and hold them on at which points needs Your potential customers and how you can serve them as much as possible. As a result, you can easily check to what extent your previous content offers sufficient information for the benefit of the individual moments or whether there may still be a need for revision in some places.

Recognize your customer needs

Put yourself in the shoes of your consumers for the benefit of each of these moments. Ask yourself, “Which one would make the buying process easier or faster? Which content or functions would be most helpful at this moment? "

A sensible measure is what is called in favor of this process Define buyer personas. Using the same methodology, you can identify which one at the same walking pace Content is the means of choice for your target group and the individual moments.

Make sure you have enough information content

If customers are looking for specific information before making a product purchase, such as thinking about whether a restriction is available in the nearest market, do the best you can about it Give away switches. The better you can meet the respective needs, the more likely it is that you will be able to convince consumers of your brand or product and that they will remain loyal to your company.

Decompose your measures

If you have taken certain measures to meet the needs of your customers in the ZMOT, you should not forget their To break down effectiveness in the node. With the help of Google Analytics, you can quickly and easily evaluate click figures and other key figures. In the same way, it can be seen to what extent your optimizations at the touchpoints are bearing fruit and are perceived and used by customers.

Conclusion: Which moment of truth is groundbreaking in favor of the purchase decision process

Through the digitalization the network has developed into a contact point where product information can be viewed at any time. Aim you digital customer moments to positively change the purchase decision process and play with potential customers in the long term with the company.

With the Zero Moment of Truth you can give consumers the information they need at any time regardless of opening times and convince them of your company.

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Originally published on the 15th fourth month of the year 2021, updated on the fourth month of the year 15th, 2021

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