Everyone has left a website at one point or another because it was horrible to host: Perhaps because of those advertisements popping up everywhere, because the desired page was not found or, under certain circumstances, because of an almost overwhelming desert of text on that page.

Which such examples combine is the bad one User experienceg while visiting a website. The same is an often overlooked, nonetheless very important aspect of the Web designs.

Like yours Design the website like thisthat such offers a pleasant user experience, you confirm below.

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Use pop music ups wisely

When you open a website these days, you are usually greeted frankly by the usual cookie notice flag. Therefore, click quickly on the "Save national team" button and start giving the lecture on the content.

Suddenly the next pop music up appears and advertises the newsletter or a current offer on the website visited. And that reading flow is interrupted again, you have to click away the flags and no longer know which section you read without remainder, divisible by two. Annoying right?

Pop music ups are very indiscreet and quickly cause annoyance among site visitors. Especially on mobile devices, they are a sure way to annoy users and lose them in the worst core.

From there it is recommended to have the best possible user experience, most likely Don't use pop music ups that swallow the entire page. Should they come to the deposit, then withdrawn as possible: To the thought pattern when that page visitor wants to leave the website or only when a certain percentage of that page has been viewed.

In addition, pop music ups appear less indiscreet if they match the content of the website called up. If a user visits z. B. a page via women's shoes, a pop music up with the signal that a discount campaign for men's shirts is a bad idea.

Make advertising banners withdrawn

It's the same with intrusive advertising banners. Even the websites of many major magazines are teeming with animated, flashing, and sensational advertisements. As a result, the actual website content noticeably fades into the background.

A poll in that HubSpot Adblock Plus Research Study is loyal to the fact that 64 out of a hundred of those ad blocker users surveyed feel labels qua annoying and indiscreet. In addition, 54 out of a hundred perceive their actions not to be in the matter.

Of course, site operators try to optimize the performance of these advertising banners, following the traditional way of thinking "Lazy Load". Living with this technology, images and other elements are only loaded when that user has scrolled to their status. And you end up with a website under which the content jumps again and again when scrolling, since the flags are only loaded afterwards.

Homologous as among pop music-ups, you should also merge here and appreciate the most unobtrusive deposit possible. If the advertising certainly does not shape the user's experience, fits the topic and does not distract from the content, because of which the website is visited, of course, nothing speaks against its use.

Z. Hd. unobtrusive advertising the space around the content can be used. A flag placed next to the text interferes less with the user experience, homologous as advertising placed above or below the page content.

Giving lectures was made without any problems

Consuming text on screens is noticeably easier when you have one neat and loose formatting are well structured and do justice to various factors.

That's why websites and especially their commodities should not only be well-written in terms of content, they should also look just as good. 

Here are the most important things you can do to make texts easier to consume.

The preamble retract the meter

With an attention span of eight seconds on average The preamble of a web page needs to be perfect beyond the counter. Those visiting that side should emotionally and in terms of content be picked up so that it is full of light what it is about and what this goal is.

It is therefore a good idea to give the page visitor a immediate ratification to donate that this is really about the problem elimination you are looking for, the expected content or the question asked - and this in an introductory text that is as short as possible.

Use short sentences and paragraphs

That longer texts are noticeably easier to read when they are in short sentences and paragraphs written is obvious. Nevertheless, one often finds pure text wastes with confusing compositions of words and sentences several lines long.

If a text is formatted with a lot of free space, this also helps around 73 percent of userswho read the texts only cursory.

Images, graphics and videos

Another one visual aidIn order to present content more easily per page visitor, there are graphic supports and videos.

Orbitmedia found out that more images intrinsically of a page pro ensure a better reach through more social shares and a longer length of stay for those site visitors. Especially for longer texts, you should keep it in moderation Graphics created and be embedded, even more than 10 pieces.

Residing on difficult topics should also Videos can be used to exemplify the facts with visual help. This helps the visitors to understand this topic better and more comprehensively. In addition, videos are very popular among consumers: 62 out of hundred of those surveyed Hubspot Content Trends Survey stated videos very much to consume thoroughly and by staying longer on that website.

Also appreciate subtleties

Of course, this big and big plays a big role in that user experience, such as: B. a conciliatory uniform design, constant colors for the same elements and other factors that pervade the entire website.

However, the subtleties are often forgotten. This is exactly the counter with which you can answer the phone from that competition.

Three of those often overlooked subtleties are the 404 page, targeted error messages and an optimized search. Here are tips and measures on how to optimize such subtleties.

A helpful 404 page

A link leads nowhere, that page visitor enters a non-existent URL and that one ends up 404 error page.

Of course, you should pay attention to the fact that the visitors never get to see such a page - nevertheless mistakes are inevitable. Even so, you can reduce visitor frustration when they see merging 404 errors.

The error page could lead to a thought pattern Search mask contain, merge Link to the home pagewho have favourited the most widely read commodity or a fun drawing. Creativity and branding can pay off here and keep the page visitors out of that website.

The 404 page from Disney is creative and helpful for the thought pattern: It shows the merge button to the start page together with a funny drawing and matching text.

404 page from Disney

Targeted error messages in forms

There is hardly a more frustrating scenario, qua contact form to be filled in and only to get an error message when posting that the entirety of the fields must be properly filled out.

This often leads visitors to close this form and leave the site.

To prevent this frustration, instruct Error messages better open-hearted in the qua filled fields the end. In this way, visitors know immediately at which points missing or incorrect data have been inserted.

Error messages

This prevents visitors from jumping off frustrated and annoyed from that side and instead starting another attempt.

Helpful search results as well without hits

The internal search does not always lead to a result. If there are certainly no results, your guests shouldn't just be treated with a blank page.

At its best, you are telling them that unfortunately no suitable result was found and that that user has a renewed search query with a different terminus technicus should start.

Appreciate here that the search mask can still be found visually and easily.

In order to be considered a step higher, the searcher could be shown results that are homologous and up-to-date with the search query. Accordingly, if nothing is found for the search for “men running shoes”, you can still have search results for “men running” signed.

That "win-win" chatbot

Chatbots are a great way to attract site visitors helpful to stand still and deliver counter-immediately. It is important to recognize that the chatbot fulfills a clear method.

Areas of application There are many per merge chatbot:

  • Answering recurring questions

  • Direct support for common problems

  • Prequalification of customers

  • Distribution of inquiries to employees

  • Complete order processing

  • Purchase advice

  • complaints 

The advantages are beyond that hand: A chatbot can be used alongside a large Time saving The company behind the website is also a great help for the site visitors.

This deposit creates a win-win situation and the user experience of that website increases noticeably, as the following examples show.

Chatbot on the HUbSpot website

On that HubSpot website, a chatbot is used to pre-qualify the site visitor and offers the opportunity to mainly get more information or otherwise make an appointment with a Hubspot expert.

The assembly of such a chatbot is of course not entirely problem-free. Fortunately, there are tools that are useful for the technical point of view. HubSpot even offers free Hubspot CRM has a chatbot function to: It makes it easy to create the logic behind a chatbot and integrate it into your own website. 

But you should not underestimate the creation of that content of the chatbot and allow time to structure a meaningful logic for the chatbot texts and to prepare the required texts.

Another possibility to use a chatbot is as a direct connection person for the site visitor. On that website of WP ninjas the chatbot is used to ask the user where he is and to drive him to the desired destination with Sinister or contact options:

WP Ninjas chatbotChatbots are also not an unfamiliar method due to their prevalence per website visitor and enjoy them great usage rateslike that of Backlinko show collected statistics. Forty out of a hundred millennials donate to interacting with bots on a daily basis. Chatbots receive response rates of 35 out of a hundred, up to 90 out of a hundred even under very well-designed bots.

Simple measures for accessibility that please all site visitors

An accessible website aims to be accessible and usable for every person. It does not matter whether the visitor has physical limitations or limited technical possibilities.

Too often it is forgotten to make the website accessible to as many people as possible. Here are some, that Accessibility accommodating measures, not so difficult to implement and delight the entirety of site visitors (and search engines as well).

Plan B tags per images

Each drawing should be labeled with a so-called "Plan B Tag". That means that that Content of the picture is described in as few words as possible.

This particularly helps people who use screen readers to imagine pictures or, nonetheless, to use the picture search and listen to see whether they have found a suitable drawing.

Clear contrasts

Not only people with visual impairments enjoy clear contrasts. With good contrasts, fonts are easier to read, elements are easier to recognize and the overall graphic image of a website appears more harmonious.

That contrast is that difference between light and dark areas of that websiteA light gray button with white script has very low merge and therefore poor contrast. A black button with a white script, on the other hand, has a very high and therefore good contrast.

In particular, under buttons, images with text on top and other elements with a background and foreground color, we recommend using the highest possible contrast when merging.

If you want to check whether the colors of your script in composition with a background color provide enough contrast for good readability, you can do this with the Use the Siteimprove color contrast check.

Logical heading structures

All texts and contents have different headings or titles - and often in the same structure. In that Hypertext Markup Language Distinction they are designated descending from h1 to h6.

Building a logical heading structure is not only beneficial for the reading experience, but also for your search engine optimization. By doing this, you can implement relevant keywords in your texts afterwards.

The first title should be a h1, as the titles are first level and also the only h1 on this side. Further headings are qua h2 and if another subtopic begins intrinsically in a section with an h2, this is marked as h3.

How can a heading structure look like this:








Compilation per menorrhagia commodity

They wisely draw specialist books: tables of contents. (Sustainable) commodities should be read in one Compilation summarized so that they know what to expect. 

Based on the last tip regarding logical heading structures, the tables of contents are of course only as good as such. Accordingly, it is better to check before publication whether this compilation corresponds to your headings.

A tip: For the attention of WordPress websites, tables of contents can be embedded very easily with the free “Easy Table of Contents” plug-in.

Mainly naming Sinister

External and internal Sinister are an essential ingredient of websites in order to result in users and to show useful content.

But as mentioned above, there are numerous users with it Screen readerswho cannot recognize where a link leads by means of “Do you hold a lecture here more” or “Click here”.

From this point of view, it is important to name Sinister in such a way that it is possible to see where these result purely from the link text. A meaningful link would be z. B. Said with “More info on topic XY” or “Click to download this Portable Document Format”.

Conclusion: user-friendliness for one website is a must

In a world full of websites, texts and empty content, it is difficult for a company to stand out from this neutral conductor.

An important part of this is one possible unmistakable and above all good user experience addition to a website. The site visitors have to be aware of themselves, quickly find which one is looking for and should only leave the site after they have been satisfied with it.

To do this, you can use simple tricks to improve the user experience of your website. The measures and approaches shown in this commodity are of course only part of what can be done for a good user experience. And yet, when they come together, they represent a good source to at least cover the basics of an optimal user experience for your website.

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Signal: Resident of this membership fee is a guest post by Jonas Tietgen, founder of the WordPress blog wp-ninjas.de.

Originally published on the 27th fourth month of the year 2021, updated on the fourth month of the year 27, 2021

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