Have you been selected for the record for this next meeting? Most of the time, the enthusiasm in favor of this waiver resides with those affected in Säumen. It is taken for granted that everyone knows how to get one Results protocol in which reality very few people know straight away how this really works. You will be well versed in this commodity as you write a conclusive report of results.

Download: Agenda template for efficient meetings

Write a report of results: You should plan these tips in advance

At lively meetings, it can be difficult for the minute taker to skimp on the essentials. Clock-controlled there is a requirement not to omit any relevant information, because this protocol is often used in the same way later Action planto which it is to be concluded who should do what and by what point in time. Some preparation will help you keep the syllabus from coming into being. Here's how you can do it:

Result log or progress log: which one do you want?

If you have been chosen to take the minutes for a meeting, you will usually know this a few times before the meeting. Now yours begins preparation. First and foremost, make sure that you live with the chairperson of the meeting or the last person who took the minutes to determine whether a protocol of the results or a protocol is required.

The main difference is that a results log is intolerant of these essentials while being an intolerant History log a comprehensive script that not only reproduces the results, but also details all the participants' contributions to the discussion.

That one Results protocol is the most common type of protocol in the business environment. If you are responsible for this purpose, the challenge is to empty the essential content of the meeting in a short, lucrative and understandable way. So that you can reproduce the sometimes turbulent conversations well, you should determine the topics and content of which meetingif possible, have contact in advance.

Make sure you are familiar with the content of the meeting

Hold the lecture Agenda or Meeting agenda thoroughly and find out what exactly it is about from colleagues, superiors or through specialist articles. The previous knowledge makes it easier for you to re-enact which discussion and to separate the important from the unimportant in a clock-controlled manner.

The result protocol template: That belongs in

You can create a template for the basic information in the results log, which you can then quickly and easily register on site. One is seldom effective short tablewhose title indicates the possibility, for example "Kick-off meeting which chairman ". 

Have the following points in possession of a "must-have" way in the protocol template:

  • That one time is important for the benefit of the later documentation.

  • The beginning and end of which session you write down through the Time.

  • Where did this meeting take place? Which location, such as "meeting room 2", is recorded here.

  • Who is in charge of the pipeline or who is in the chair? Under the counter "Chair of the session“You can find this bragging rights.

  • Under "Keeping minutes“There is the name of the person who makes this protocol.

  • the Participants are usually recorded using a separate attendance list in which they enter themselves. In the same sense, missing persons are named here by which recorder. As the person taking the minutes, you refer to the attendance list under “Participants”, for example by “see attendance list”.

  • Investments are often components of individual agenda items. A typical guiding principle are offers, price lists and cost estimates in favor of new acquisitions or repairs to company property. As a protocol writer, you result in this of a short duration and add it to the protocol as a resident potential.

  • Summarize the Agenda items (TOP) Clearly in advance, for example one TOP per page or per table field. If the discussion should jump back and forth between the topics, it will be easier for you to assign the results quickly and correctly.

Result log: structure and ingredients

A result protocol usually consists of three Components:

  1. Part one contains the basic information Extra possibility, time, place, time, chair of the meeting, keeping of minutes, participants, items on the agenda and attachments. You can create a template for all these points, which gives you the structure and thus makes your work easier.

  2. That one Centerpiece of the result protocol is in the second part. Resolutions, agreements, voting results and motions are documented here. Keep voting results undaunted by yes and no votes as well as abstentions in numbers. Please note the exact wording of the application and the name of the applicant. If you live in extensive applications, you can attach this document as a potential. If participants come to tardiv or leave the meeting prematurely, they must also have this information in the result protocol.

  3. Afterwards, a proof of performance regarding spelling errors, content errors and ambiguities, you can, if necessary, revise and "clean copy". Finally sign the minutes of the results and give them to the chairperson of the meeting signature before. With his or her signature, the chairperson confirms the correctness of the minutes and authorizes the announcement of the minutes to the participants on a clock-controlled basis.

Result log of goods samples: This is what your result log could look like

There are numerous free ones Protocol templates in favor of meetings in Word format that you bend individually up to your requirements can. However, you also have the option of creating your own report template, which you and your colleagues can access if you wish. We will create a sample for you:

Results protocol

Text agency XY

Monthly meeting which partner




9:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.


Meeting room


Anna Kaufmann


Mert van Toppen


see attendance list


Price list monitors, linked list of which freelancers

Agenda items 

  1. Welcome and approval of the minutes of the last meeting

  2. Acquisition of larger monitors for the benefit of the employed copywriters

  3. Recruiting external copywriters

  4. Miscellaneous







who has not yet given birth Kaufmann welcomes the participants. The minutes of the last meeting are approved unanimously.


Linda Meier



Unanimous decision: 15 new monitors are to be purchased.

Obtaining and checking offers in consultation with IT and management.


Karina Muller

Bernd Schmidt

Until the next monthly meeting


Decision: Five external copywriters are recruited. (6 for, 1 abstention)

Discuss freelancers, negotiate prices and get trial work. Make a preselection. Presentation.

Sylvie Specht

Until the next monthly meeting




Conclusion: The result protocol should concentrate on the essentials

A result protocol is short-lived, short and continuous. It sums up the most important things in one meeting together and thus enables a targeted and simple retrospectively Information extraction. In the same sense, it often has the procedure of one Work plan.

The core of the minutes are the results, for this reason resolutions, agreements, votes and proposals by the participants. In this case, a good preparation can significantly help you to write a conclusive report of the results.

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