TikTok has seen a meteoric ascent: as long as it came into being in 2019 around a billion people worldwide downloaded the app, and soloed in June 2020 it was a good 87 million downloads worldwide. Via five million of which use the app in Germany, and that quite extensively: German users spend around 50 minutes on average with this app every day.

The main target group are children and adolescents of this Generation Z from 13 to 18 years. Now subordinated together with the millennials until the emergence is 30 TikTok popular: With 66 percent the vast majority of these users are under 30 years of age.

How does "TikTok" work?

gene TikTok users can upload short videos that are accompanied by music. The clips can be customized with filters and then shared with others. Each video runs under certain hashtags, which can be used as part of a challenge to summon other users to a competition.

Is TikTok subordinate to which company?

The new business customer offer “TikTok for companies” combines products such as branded effects, hashtag challenge or brown rot takeovers on a central platform. This enables you to create promotional materials in the form of short videos even more efficiently. In addition to ... the TikTok community, like Cobalt producers, videos can be consulted in order to create your content in particular.

With an expanded help area, TikTok provides companies with subordinate best practices or product instructions in order to be able to use the marketing solutions as far as possible for their advertising goals. 

In addition to the new offer for companies, the app's own app will be of secondary importance from autumn Advertising platform with self-booking tool available in Germany - As a result, companies of all sizes can use an easy-to-use interface and efficient processes to remind the right target groups about TikTok.

Furnish your TikTok account with furniture: step-by-step instructions

1. Download TikTok

Look for it TikTok in the App Store or Google Play Storeto download the app on your smartphone. As a result, you can choose whether you want to start with an existing Google, Facebook or Twitter account or, if possible, create your own account with a name and password.

2. Equip the profile with furniture

If the account is open, you can access the detailed information in your profile. After logging in, you will quickly see the TikTok start screen, which already shows a video that is currently popular on this platform. In this lower screen bar click upwards on the person symbol on the far right and then upwards "Carved profile“To enter your statistics. You should merge usernames here and add a side view or your own video to your waterway.

Use TikTok - create a profileIn addition, you can use a few short ones in this mask Information about your company deposit and subordinated yours other social media channels to link. You should choose that option because of this better visibility absolutely perceive.

That TikTok video feed: Find videos and interact with users

Follow the TikTok video feed

As soon as you log in, you will be taken up to the start screen with the Video feed. If you have not yet had any active followers and have not yet liked any posts, TikTok will alternately show you clips that are currently trending - upwards, so to speak, upwards suspicion. However, the more you follow up and interact with other accounts, the better it learns TikTok You have contact. The app can understand which one you like and your feed via yours Likes, shares and Follows personalize more and more.

How to use TikTok - Video Feed

The TikTok user interface: share, like, listen

Empty important interactions around the clips can be found right in this long side Navigation bar. There is the Kardia for likes, the speech bubble for comments and this arrow for the share subroutine.

Interact with others on TikTok

If you really like a waterway, you can also have more information displayed to the user by swiping afterwards. You can follow the respective waterway via the plus sign that is linked to its icon.

follow other users on tiktok and swipe left

Then search for users and videos together with TikTok

TikTok's own search function can be found by clicking on the magnifying glass symbol. Within this range, you can either search specifically for accounts or videos or display content on topics that are currently particularly popular.

find videos and users on tiktok

Use the TikCode

This is a rarity TikCode, all of the users of this platform. This source code is particularly useful if you want to promote your TikTok waterway on other social media platforms or your website. In addition to… in offline networking, it is useful. Because by scanning the QR-like source code, interested parties can quickly find your way TikTok waterway.

use the tikcodefind your own tikcode

Their own TikCode can be found in your profile, while looking up the symbol with the four squares tap. If you want other users to find their codes easily, you can go to the search and tap the square one upwards Scan icon in this right upper prong.

find tikcode

If this scan television opens, scan the TikCode of another user. Now TikTok has the information you need and will immediately forward you to the respective user profile.

TikTok offers the option to read the TikCode well screenshots. To do this, click upwards on the "photos“-Button, located on this scan page, and upload the screenshot.

Scan the tikcode

How to post on TikTok

Most clips on TikTok are a maximum of 15 seconds long.

Embed a TikTok video

For your first own video, tap the “plus” symbol in the center of this navigation bar. Then the recording function opens with the red initiator.

record tiktok video

Choose TikTok filters and effects

TikTok offers a queue of features with which you can incorporate and bend your video. You can find these in the navigation menu up this right long side:

Tempo: Straight forward, the initiator will find the speed controls with different sizes from slow motion to time lapse.

Beauty filter: A special AR filter that allows you to make small cosmetic corrections to the face (e.g. hide imperfections).

Color filter: This allows you to change or bend the colors of the video.

Timer: If you do not want to keep the initiator pressed all the time while filming, the "timer" sub-program offers you the option of setting your time for the video individually with a countdown. Homologous like this self-timer when taking photos.

Effects: Sinister from the red initiator, you can spice up the video with various AR effects for the face and surroundings.

Sound for the attention of the TikTok video

Since TikTok is well known for its dance and lipsync videos, one of these most important and popular functions intrinsically to this app is of course this sound. At the top you will find a merge clef and the button "Add sound". If you tap on it, you will see an overview page where you can choose the music you want. That sound track can then be heard in the background of the finished clip.

add music to tiktok

Edit, insert headline, post video

You can incorporate your video either upwards once or in subordinate parts. To do this, press the red button upwards and release it again when you are finished. If the reception is ready, the video can still be seen Filters, stickers and Blocks of text overwrite and upgrade.

filters and stickers at tiktok

Now comes the fine tuning: you lay Headline, hashtags as well as attitudes towards hand privacy and Comments undaunted. Then you are done and can publish your video - either immediately or later. 

privacy settings at tiktok

Use the Duet subprogram with other TikTok users

The Duet subprogram comes from its predecessor musical.ly and allows users to put on this one in their favorite clips same soundtrack sing along or dance along. If you'd like to try this feature out, tap up the Share subroutine along with the video you want, and then tap up "Duet". Your camera then opens in the splitter with the video of your choice.

a duet with tiktok

This duet mode is particularly suitable for companies if, for example, you have developed a new product and want to clarify it. In Duet mode you can then switch on a clock Product video and a Explanatory video embed. If the duet subroutine is not useful or if you do not want it for certain content, it can be deactivated in the final settings before posting.

Participate in TikTok hashtag challenges

Another Rarity upwards TikTok are the popular hashtag challenges. A competition is called for a species under a certain hashtag, in which the TikTok users then take part.

In this case, it is often a matter of performing a certain action - creative solutions in this case, in particular, received a great deal of applause. On the other hand, there is no merging of winners in the classic sense, instead the Olympic catchphrase applies: “Being with one another is whatever!”.

The challenge format can help in this case, build up TikTok reach and the Brown rot awareness to increase. You can use the search function to browse through current challenges and combine inspiration.

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