The concepts UI (User Interface) and UX (User experience) are an additional 70 years archaic. In fact, they have only recently received the necessary attention. UX is responsible for the benefit of user emotions, behavioral flexibility and product functionality. UI is responsible for the representation of the surface while maintaining a uniform style and logic, as well as for the benefit of the interaction of the product with the user.

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UX and UI design: one definition

At the UX shaping it's about creating a simple interface for a website. The more understandable it is to the benefit of the user, the higher the likelihood that the same targeted actions can take place and the desired result can be obtained. UI design is about working on which graphic representation: Fonts, Buttons, menus and illustrations used in which user interface.

A UX designer has to dissect this user behavior, create and test new behavior algorithms. A UI designer explains to a user how to work with the finished product. Viewed without a value judgment, UI and UX are certainly so intertwined that there are often no clear lines between them.

Whichever concepts combine is the constant further development. New trends appear regularly, which often radically change previous ideas. In the following, you will learn 14 important trends that will mark the creation of UI / UX in the near future.

Behavioral research

Tests and analyzes for User experience will become more and more important in 2021. Many brands put too many numbers on an optimal experience. The problem with which product development resides is that x times it is not thought from the point of view of which user.

As a result, product developers cannot anticipate problems that a resident may encounter while visiting a website. This means that you should dissect what kind of support which user will receive if he or she makes mistakes and does not get the expected result.

For example, you can use special software that reproduces user sessions. This succeeds, for example, with a so-called Heat map: The behavior patterns of a website visitor can be visualized through the movements and activities of the guest mouse cursor. As a result, you can not only dissect user problems, but also test design solutions

Improvement of the adjustment process

This principle is used in mobile applications used and has great potential. It describes start screens with “tooltips” and instructions. These make the gimmick much easier, especially for the benefit of people who have never seen this product before.

Notes are an important element of which navigation. When designing an interface, the developers pay attention to standard components, and can certainly experiment with which visualization and placement of which elements on a secondary basis. However, all the work can be useless if the user does not understand how to fill in this form or call this menu.

Hints can be optimally used when the structure of a program or a program has been designed on what basis of what study of user behavior and what user needs. Hints can be used in favor of any interactive and graphic elements:

  • Brief instructions when opening which program for the first time

  • Tooltips

  • Automatic verification of the completed field

  • Progress indicator, etc.

Your commitment is to make the user familiar with the product faster and to provide a comfortable interaction.

Animated user interface

One animated user interface is useful for the benefit of improving the customer experience. Animations keep the website visitors turning to certain content and exploit the potential of the website surface more efficiently than static graphics.

More brands are expected to experiment with animation this year as they try to showcase animated buttons and add other elements to the user interface in place of the standard pop music ups or flags. An animated user interface is efficient, especially for the benefit of mobile applications, as it visually shows visitors the action taking place.

Dark theme

Which Dark mode is offered by the most famous products and big brands like Instagram, human-like robot and Google. Although this trend is not new, it will certainly remain of secondary relevance in 2021. Here are a couple of reasons for this:

  • It's easier to get the necessary Design elements highlighted against a dark background.

  • That one Phenotype is very modern.

  • the Battery life is noticeably extended when living in devices with OLED / AMOLED screens.

  • In addition to lower brightness, the State of tension in favor of making the eyes smaller.

Dark themes have great potential for development, both on mobile and secondarily on desktop devices. To this potential In favor of testing your program, you can add a button for switching on the dark mode and break down how many of the hundreds of users choose the new procedure (ergo the dark theme) and how many prefer this female, light design .

Apple devices even open up the right of first refusal in the settings to unintentionally change the mode.

3D creation instead of 2D

The modern concepts of a successful user experience and interface are based on the principles of originality. Three-dimensional objects were initially only used in the game industry, for example, but now they are found secondarily in mobile applications and websites. “Flat” images will therefore belong to which past for a short time.

amazon logo with 3d effectSource: designershub.com

There are different 3D effects. Sometimes you just want to use drop shadows under a text to highlight the letters to make it visually more voluminous. In other cases, you can create voluminous elements with a visual identity, while using, for example, the tableware from Logaster use to generate them. You can secondary AR or VR technology test to complement the design of the user interface with animated graphics.

3D consistencye can make the user interface more informative and interesting. The 360 quality assumption is a prime example of this. Although it belongs to a different category, it certainly fulfills the same procedure as 3D objects: It makes objects more realistic and offers a quasi-all-round view.

Shaping with a focus on performance

A part of what humanity is still fighting against 5G technology, Certainly it is evolving in operation and has secondary strength on trends in the district user experience and design. The internet speed has increased noticeably. That is why it is important for the user experience residing in modern applications and websites that they have a low loading time entail. This ensures a contradiction in terms: On the one hand, it is possible to use more surface elements because the performance is higher - the performance in turn is certainly reduced when the number of elements is recorded. 

In this crux is one detailed consideration which needs of your target audience are important. Break down this user behavior and only add such details to your website that are in favor of valuable in favor of this design and do not have a decisive strength on the loading speed. With free tools (e.g. GTmetrix) you can determine the page load times and find the causes and unnecessary elements that are slowing down your program.

Synchronize devices

Which average consumer has several devices that are used in regular alternation or even synchronously. From there you need UX designs that work equally well on all operating systems and platforms. The functionality of what different gadgets should certainly be done with a single act synchronized can be.

Because users no longer only use smartphones and laptops, where the UX designs should be coordinated with each other.

Secondly, there are other gadgets that are used on a daily basis, such as tablets and smartwatches. That UI / UX design should be designed from there in favor of types of user devices. That includes, among other things Synchronization of statisticswhich means that consumers have all their statistics stored on each of their devices and ready to hand.

Augmented reality apps for the benefit of mobile devices

It is expected that global sales of mobile AR applications as long as it will increase to $ 15,497.53 million by 2022.

What does "Augmented Reality" do? It expands the possibilities of UX design in favor of mobile devices and offers a richer user experience. AR eliminated from physical barriers residing at what interaction between users and what program. In the course of this, this is changing Communication experience with a brand complete.

By integrating virtual design elements into the physical space, the developers assign a deeper interaction with the product. Augmented Reality has enormous potential, especially in favor of brands that sell their products online or are active in education, the media or whatever entertainment industry. Examples in favor of AR applications in these areas are virtual changing rooms or interactive learning tools.

agmented reality with doodlens appSource: doodlelens.app

Revolutionary unevenness and "wrong" layouts

Asymmetrical shaping can be found everywhere. Secondly, which human body is not perfectly symmetrical: The length of which arms is slightly different, for example.

Unevenness can and should be in the Web application interfaces and mobile programs. The reasons in favor of using it depend on the overall design strategy. Unevenness is sought as a showcase example to strike balance and harmony, or to create a deliberate “disorder”.

If you choose the first right of first refusal (balance and harmony), then this is based on asymmetrical shaping Gaps, clean lines, contrasting Colours. If you want to add a sense of "randomness" then consider using unconventional color combinations, unusual compositions, or "random" objects.

The correct use of irregularity leads, contrary to the initial hope, to a regularity of the content. the Hem what perception are moved, which makes the brand unique.

wholy can website pictures of coffeeSource: wholydose.com

Unconventional typography

Most modern app designers know that typography is important. Every year there are new trends that make the Font sizes and types as well as changing the possibilities in favor of their composition on the pages.

The fonts will look more unconventional in 2021. Huge labelsthat partially or completely obscure the images will be relevant to the showcase. Letters that draw the whole attention to themselves or additionally the lines of the screen go out, you will come across some websites in the future.

The UI / UX design in 2021 allows different fonts (secondary serifs), contrasting color combinations and general dissonance. This should evoke attention and keep the attention of users on your program longer.

Generative shaping

In addition to generative shaping, there are programs that take the stand to dissect large amounts of similar statistics, to find common features and on what basis of which information provided new statistics are to be created. 

There are already several twelve of these tools based on algorithms, including Merger 360, Creo Generative Formgebung or nTop Platform. They can be used to Layouts planning, choosing styles, controlling accessibility, and doing other tasks that used to take a lot of time and little creative expense.

Contactless interaction

This trend has started to prosper after the corona worldwide epidemic. Due to the new regulations in favor of the contactless interaction between people (and devices) it has become relevant worldwide. It's about different ways to work with devices without touching them one-on-one. That is exemplary by various Voice interfaces and which control by gestures, such as residing with which contactless payment, is possible.

Gesture control techniques will probably even replace touchscreens in the future. A prime example of this is the contactless control technology from the European luxury car brand DS Automobiles. A demonstration of the system has shown that gestures work 3 times more accurately because the controls also have a touchscreen:

UI / UX and Artificial Intelligence 

The user interface and this user experience are designed by experts. That one End product depends one-to-one on their actions and skills. From there, the current trends are not only aimed at computer users, but secondarily at developers.

From modern tools in favor of the Work with interfaces generally have the following objectives:

  • Less routine living at what use

  • Synchronization of the work processes of designers and developers

  • Comfortable development environment

  • The ability to work remotely on joint projects

Cosmos this together forms the main trends in favor of this modern design of the user interface. The aim is to get the work of which designers through Technologies and tools which next generation to simplify.

A prime example in favor of the security of AI in UX design is Adobe. Adobe's update to Photoshop version 22.0 contains a series of innovative AI-powered features from Nvidia. In particular, this is a line of image editing tools that uff "Neural Filters" based. 

Another prime example is the Pixelmator graphics editor. The Pro version uses machine learning in favor of features such as automatic layer naming, horizon detection and object removal.

Conclusion: user-friendliness because a constant trend

Active UI / UX creation will open up many opportunities in 2021. Brands will have to deal with several topics synchronously, from which opening of a dark topic to the 3D rendering of elements. One trend that will run through designs here is the importance of an outstanding user experience.

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Pointer: In addition to this membership fee, there is also a guest contribution by Dmytro Leiba, Marketing expert residing at Logaster.

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