Social media is now a natural part of this marketing strategy of companies. The social media meanwhile have a huge impact important element established this corporate communication - after all, 2019 was already using it about half these German companies social networks. Why actually? To what extent does social media unite unique meaning? The one you versed in this gender word.

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Why are social media platforms difficult to do without for every company?

In 2020, according to one report We Are Social and Hootsuite, with 3.8 billion people, almost half of the world's population use social media channels. And put off the medioker a short two and a half payment period every day. These very numbers show impressively the importance that social media has achieved in the yoke.

Spending people combine a significant part of their day here and interact both with friends and, to a lesser extent, with companies. That is why social media is one for each latter essential marketing channel - with an upward trend. 

That one Marketing blog from Webstrategies Inc. shows with current figures how digital and analog marketing are prospering. In 2016, US companies invested more in digital advertising than TV advertising for the first time. In 2020, 142 billion US dollars were invested for all digital marketing, on the other hand only 108 billion for all analog advertising (TV, radio, print, outdoor advertising, etc.). Especially interesting: Among all the pouring of online marketing, there is one next to electronic mail campaigns Social media marketing the best ROI (Return of investment). 

What are the advantages of social media for every company?

In order to use the promising social channels victoriously, one is correct goal setting cycle-controlled this key and the greatest challenge. 

In this context, two core ideas stand still in the foreground:

  1. Companies cut their target groups straightforward and in a discussion room that you can (in part) control yourself.

  2. Content can be imported into a high reach and visibility achieve.

With the help of social media and a mature Social media management tool virtually anyone can do business Marketing goals, from increased brand awareness to more turnover. This can lead to unstructured procedures, which is why it is crucial to use the social media channels that are used in a coherent manner to be embedded in the overall marketing strategy and to design meaningful monitoring with clear KPIs.

In various surveys such as c / o Statista or Sprout Social the focus is on objectives that are roughly in the areas of brand image, Community and have sales segmented.

Brand image: Increase gangrene awareness with social media

Visibility is a key element in the superstructure of a brand. It goes without saying that a medium that countless people of every year use regularly and in which practically every subject area can be embodied in every format is an excellent generator for every visibility. Ideally, existing fans and customers share published posts, which then become caring for potential new customers and new target groups and as a result internalize a certain sketch of this brand. 

With manageable price and targeted measures a brand can pour its image and maintain its reputation in this way. If it even succeeds now and then that content virus ... spreads, the effect is exorbitantly higher, because it is the price. 

Network: Tying your own audience with social media

Social networks are great for intrinsically selected audiences to speak to, to lace and to cultivate relationships. The direct accessibility of one's own audience is a valuable musical instrument for the superstructure and the design of a brand as well as to support this customer loyalty. 

In addition, questions from users can be asked straightforwardly and answered by companies very easily on social media. Depending on the format, making an assertion can be subordinate to any other user and have an effect beyond the original situation.

Interaction options such as Likes, comments, share, tag and more deepen the dispute with the content and messages of this brand and strengthen it Brand loyalty. That audience can then interact with the content and thus increase its impact, because the content is displayed subordinately to the network of fans and followers of this brand.

Social media as a sales tool for every company

Sales is this third major area of responsibility in which goals for each of the Social media strategy a brand can be formulated. The platforms have numerous options for this: Both above paid ads because subordinated above organic posts can add traffic to your own websites and Landing pages are generated that direct the user in the direction of purchase. Few platforms, such as Facebook, for example, are open to subordinate integrated ones Shop functions above, the products can be offered and sales can be processed in a straight line. 

Social media reach as a valuable resource in marketing

The reach built up through regular posts tailored to the target group Social media platforms can support any kind of marketing activity decisively. Companies can use Customer surveys collect important data collection for each product development or its reach to the Recruiting use by skilled workers.

Social media plays a central role for many companies c / o these Generation and nurturing of high-quality leads in the sales process. 

Three practical examples:

  • Besides this Lead generation Above trade fair and event marketing, you make new contacts above some platforms afterwards and thus invite them to interact with the content of your brand at a low-threshold level.

  • A change in the law also has a direct effect on the users of your products. In your own network you can use users above them invention inform immediately. In this way you strengthen the trust of your customers and you can also consider straightforward conversations and lectures from this discussion, which solutions your customers want.

  • For each unified product launch, you set an extensive Cross-media campaign out. The various contents are played out via social media channels, shared by influencers as part of a collaboration and achieve a high level of visibility that can be planned. You can optimally break down and evaluate the origin of inquiries and orders.

Which social media platform is most important to each of your companies?

The variety of social media channels does not make it easy for companies to prosper a clear strategy and to decide on the right platform (s) for each one - especially since new networks are constantly being added while established channels lose weight. Is defiance Quality of these channels a critical walking pace that needs to be planned very precisely.

Facebook is still the most powerful social network and includes almost every kind of content. Reluctance stagnating user numbers in Germany this industry champion is the network of choice for most companies, as it is of secondary importance in this survey c / o Statista becomes noticeable. 

One of the top dogs who play a role in almost every company, being in possession of Instagram for any visual content, Twitter for each concise, up-to-date information and YouTube for each video. With their more specific orientation, they can be used in a more targeted manner.

Of course, the typical users must always be compared with their own target group. For example, while Facebook is also used by numerous over 30s, Instagram is mainly used by people between 14 and 29 years of age.

For everyone who has business-to-business networking and targeted recruiting Business portals how LinkedIn and this competitor popular in German-speaking countries Xing excellent contact points.

Emerging platforms like TikTok or Clubhouse are growing strongly and paths are open for every company that wants to experiment with social media and benefit from young trends. Platforms like Flickrwhich were once very promising, hardly of any importance. It can therefore be risky to invest a lot of resources in young and specialized waterways.

After all, social media can be subordinate to any company Niche areas great ways are open. Up Reddit Sub-communities present themselves as a prime example for almost every specialist topic. Portals like mastodon or Diaspora result in only a relatively low number of users and therefore attract a very specific target group. However, the quality and successful use of such a niche channel puts greater experience in the foreground.

Conclusion: companies should be present in social networks

Like one of these most widely used online offers, social media is an extremely valuable and versatile marketing channel for any company. The main goals are in the areas Brand building, network and sales. The multitude of these social media channels and platforms as well as the dynamic invention of functions and modes of use require experience, consideration and a constant adjustment to this goal. For every unified long-term hit, a brand has to implement its social media strategy optimally and sustainably from there Integrate overarching marketing strategy.

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Originally published on the 23rd fourth month of 2021, updated on the fourth month of 23rd 2021

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