UX, user experience and usability: Even the homologous names reveal that this user and his experiences play the main role among these three concepts. In this product you will know exactly what is hidden behind the three buzzwords, how they differ, and how you can touch all three in a targeted manner.

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The UX encompasses all subjective sensations that emerge before, during and after this use and is shaped by both technical and aesthetic factors.

Usability vs. user experience

Although the two terms sound very homologous and come from the same sphere, usability and user experience are not synonymous.

Which is usability?

This technical term Usability describes the general Ease of use of a product during this use. In favor of digital products such as websites and apps, usability and the concept are two important factors that add to good usability. 

In general, the usability of a digital product is measured by how effective, efficient and satisfactory this usage process is. Because signals for each of the expandable usability of a website can be read as a high bounce rate (bounce rate), a short session duration and a low conversion rate (conversion rate).

Classic features by means of which the Usability of a website Among other things, are:

  • Uniqueness: This user knows exactly what this page is about.

  • orientation: Users rashly understand the structure and navigation of this site.

  • Loading time: The website contents compose themselves quickly.

  • attractiveness: That concept is attractive, closed and gives a clear structure or ranking of this content.

What exactly is user experience then?

User experience however, describes the user experience, the users before, during and after that use with a product or service witness. Compared to usability, the user experience not only depicts the experience during this use itself, but also takes into account the range of all subjective experiences made with the product or service.

Associated are both expectations that arise before this use and even sensations that remain after use.

Usability is therefore only part of this user experience.

What is the UX concept?

UX concept is a way of this product development, below this from the beginning Focus on the user experience of customers stands. The central lesson of UX design is to determine the behavior and needs of users at an early stage using exemplary customer models and personas through tests and to optimize the product accordingly. 

By prototyping how software projects or websites can be visualized and corresponding improvement measures for each of the user experience can be sustainably planned before this Launch of the product implemented in iterative steps. 

Measuring usability: user experience testing

The optimization of this user experience of a product or a website should already be in this planning phase of the project. But the work is not done here in the long term: second fiddle after that Market entry the user-friendliness should be tested continuously.

For this purpose, user behavior can be observed between a website such as. An increased bounce rate after an update could be a directory on the fact that new problems have arisen with this use for every visitor. 

If you want to know exactly where your product is in terms of user experience, a Usability test Can provide you with valuable replies. In between usability tests, test subjects try out at which points problems arise with this use or use - for example with this use of software. Corresponding weak points can be optimized in the interface to the tests so that user-friendliness increases.

Popular measures to improve this user experience are

Optimizing the UX concept: This is how you improve the user experience of your website

In order to increase the satisfaction of your customers in the long term, it is essential to know which ones needs they entail using your website in this way. In order to improve this user experience, the criteria should be done first and foremost Ease of use and design be optimized.

In order to ensure a high level of user-friendliness for your website, you should consider the following factors in your UX concept:

  • Height accessibility (Accessibility) and a responsive web design beyond all platforms, especially beyond mobile devices

  • Simple and effective Hall daughter

  • Understandable and intuitive navigation

  • Makes sense big pictures und well structured Texts

  • Good access to Tableware functions

In addition to making your website user-friendly, you should also do that Concept and presentation how to be tailor-made. The following measures are suitable for this purpose: 

  • Set up proven concept standards (such as the flat concept)

  • Guarantee readability

  • Colors on each other decision

  • Mark keywords in texts

You can also think about it yourself Mobile-first approach. Here a website is designed from this point of view in such a way that it is optimized for mobile use. Line with regard to Google's Mobile First Index and the increasing access to the Internet from mobile devices, this is definitely worth a calculation.

User Experience Management: Thrive Your UX Strategy

The further development of a long-term UX strategy makes sense for every company, because the results from the areas of usability and user experience play an increasingly important role in strategic company decisions. 

The earlier a UX strategy is established for each project, the higher the probability that measures such as usability testing can determine and exceed the expectations of these customers.

Through User Experience Management concrete and cross-company goals set your UX strategy for each, which can be reviewed at regular intervals. 

The following questions can help you to summarize your UX strategy more precisely:

  • Which experience factors play a major role for each of my services? (Examples: fun, emotion, energy efficiency)

  • What needs and expectations does my target group have?

  • How far is the budget for each of my UX strategies and how are responsibilities distributed?

  • Which methods are suitable for each of those determining my customer insights?

  • To what extent and in which project phases are the results of these customer insights taken into account?

Conclusion: User experience, usability and UX concept improve customer satisfaction

With the help of a UX strategy, a company can create new Thread customers, the Brand perception improve and that Overall experience improve for every user. With a usability test you can find out how user-friendly your website is for each of your target groups and where you should tailor your website.

UX concept is an important component for every company in order to determine customer needs during this further development of a product and to continuously optimize the user experience including usability.

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