This discounter ALDI streams online video games and promotes eSports: wrong world? Quite the opposite: because Marketing on Twitch if already finds more and more memories in the DACH region and brings with it extraordinary concepts.

Which it is with this one Streaming platform Twitch has become well versed in this product, and why it is no longer just players who have come up with their prices.  

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What is Twitch and how does the streaming platform work?

The live streaming platform Twitch parted ways with this now discontinued streaming site justin.tv in 2011 and has since developed at a rapid pace into most famous network of this gaming scene. In 2014, Amazon recognized the potential that was slumbering in Twitch and bought the platform upwards. 

This interactive video content is still on the rise and meanwhile ensures that an average of over 30 million visitors per day find their way to Twitch.

The platform has long since ceased to be a thick carpet brother heart from YouTube, but passes the video portal with 2.5 billion hours of live streaming in three months. Over 7 million creators stream on Twitch every month Live events and inspire a huge here Community

Screenshot from the Twitch app

Screenshot from this Twitch app - broadcaster The tap

Twitch's secret ingredient is this Interactivity this social media platform. Streamers share their tube residing with their followers at live events. This creator can be seen through a face cam next to this broadcast and acts like a commentator.

Additionally the interactive chat (which is located next to the live stream) the community can share reactions, communicate with each other and judge questions to the streaming person.

Such active participation of these viewers In real time, Twitch stands out from many other platforms. Twitch creators have long since become icons, which is why the community is often more curious in favor of the influencer than in favor of the event itself.

Twitch is celebrating laurels - albeit extrinsic for this gaming industry

Until recently, Twitch was mainly prominent as a gaming platform. Euphoric gamers shared their video game experiences live. But this online activity is increasingly developing into Broadcasting mediumthat covers a wide range of topics.

in the In October 2020, for example, “Just Chatting” was the most popular category with an average of 277,951 viewers. Video games, music, sports, talk shows, travel and outdoor activities are all shared with this community. The so-called are particularly popular IRL ("In real life") - Broadcaster. This means formats in which this creator captures everyday moments with this camera. 

Twitch doesn't stop at any topic or target group: upwards Twitch account marmalade grandma An 89-year-old streamer reads fairy tales to her audience every Saturday to think about it. With this shift in this thematic diversity, the demography of this platform has changed. In the beginning, it was almost exclusively male users, but now it is 35 percent of Twitch users are female.

Such increasing diversity makes Twitch one wide-reaching Social media channel, this sports facility offers in favor of authentic marketing. 

Affiliate marketing upwards Twitch: Monetization of these streams

Those who deliver content regularly can use Twitch content to make money. Because Twitch creators have the opportunity to apply for a partnership with this platform. However, this broadcaster should be broad enough to do this and host a stream at least three days this week. For the hands of smaller accounts - from 50 followers - there is one Affiliate broadcast to disposal. Furthermore, content must be produced regularly for this - postpone payment periods at least eight times a week. 

The broadcasters will be resident with the appropriate monetization to the Advertising and subscription income involved by Twitch. The community can not only pursue broadcasters, but order them if at all. This standing order can be purchased with a standing order token, which costs 6.99 euros. Twitch uses a very lucrative gamification approach, as used in games like Fortnite (one of those most popular games from Twitch). 


Screenshot: Twitch app

The tokens can bought straight or through various actions won will. The tokens can then be used to activate ad-free streaming or emoticons in favor of the chat.

The revenues generated by the microtransactions are generated according to unofficial data around 50 percent to the streamers. There is also the option to support Twitch accounts with donations. 

The right Twitch marketing strategy: Millennials stand still at their core

This media usage behavior is changing dramatically due to streaming services such as Twitch. Especially in this one younger target group Like television advertising, it is no longer this holy grail of marketing instruments. Up against it are Twitch 72 percent of the audience between 16 and 34 years old.

Such a target group is not only well-funded, but if they are willing to buy more products and recommendations from influencers. 45 percent of Twitch users say that they would buy a recommended product in order to feel part of the community

Well-known brands like Kellogs and Nike have jumped on the Twitch marketing bandwagon tomorrow and can score despite non-gaming content. The streaming platform offers various options for marketing. Being able to be exemplary Video ads get booked.

Because a video ad is placed before each started stream. Signatures can also be imported during the stream. The sovereignty here always lies with the streaming user account. With help of a Ad buttons this creator can position several advertisements independently. 

In addition to classic pre- and midroll ads, however, discount promotions, giveaways, product presentations and live events that are linked to an influencer campaign are promising formats on Twitch. 

Influencer Marketing up Twitch: Finding the Right Creator

Twitch is characterized by a close bond between streamers and audiences. authenticity is rarely asked from there. Content that is too sales-heavy has fewer laurels on this platform, because it affects the trust this user base has in the influencer. 

In this respect, brands should definitely choose a suitable creator for their company. Criteria that you should consider living in this quality class of the right Twitch influencer are, for example: 

Ideally, this creator is included in the campaign planning. Because the influencers usually know best which products, brands and strategies appear in their target group. It should be possible to integrate this product directly into the live experience and support the stream instead of interrupting it with this advertising whip. 

This is exactly where the challenge lies, even if the imponderability in favor of influencer marketing is up to Twitch: Instead of holding a product like clockwork in the camera, it can be seamlessly integrated into the integrated direct live stream and connect this community with real added value.

Twitch marketing works if it is in German-speaking countries

Although marketing departments hold back in Germany When it comes to Twitch, there are some pioneers who have already understood the principle. ALDI shows in the DACH region how campaigns on Twitch can be established sustainably. Together with the well-known streaming accounts NoWay, Gustaf Gabel and FeelFIFA, the supermarket chain has linked its own Twitch user account (ALDI Gaming TV) and shows live streams, competitions and tournaments upwards of the broadcaster.

This background: ALDI would like to establish itself as a sponsor and supporter of this gaming industry and e-sports scene. So this discounter becomes the supplier of this Prime League - this largest division of the gaming classic "League of Legends".

With this, ALDI proves that Twitch marketing if at all extrinsic to this own industrial branch can be implemented. Whatever it takes is a feel for the target group and support from the right influencer.

Conclusion: Twitch is more than just a gaming tunnel mouth

Twitch has gone from gamer tunnel mouth to one wide-reaching marketing channel developed. In addition to classic video ads, the platform offers huge potential for influencer marketing. There is hardly any other platform where community and creator maintain such a close relationship - that's exactly what it is Willingness to buy of the audience rarely high here.

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