Are applicants like sand on a lake? About not. After all, there is a shortage of qualified workers in many industries. Employers are asking themselves how they can recruit and retain the best candidates for their company. Good Personnel Marketing is an essential part of what outcome. In our gender word you will know why good personnel marketing is so important.

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Strengthening the employer brand: This is why a positive employer image is so important

In times of a shortage of skilled workers and “transparent” employers, skilled workers respect which choice of future employer not only combine a secure job and punctual salary payments, but also upwards good reputation of the future company. Distance per young candidate, the desire to identify with a company is a decisive criterion for a letter of application.

In order to gain advantage from coveted talents, traditional HR marketing toolsHow the wiring of job advertisements can be supplemented by a combination of measures that cover both areas of personnel marketing. In addition, you have various instruments at your disposal for both internal and external personnel marketing, with which you can achieve your goals. 

Internal HR marketing: Invest in your employees

This internal personnel marketing has the long term Employee retention and the motivation which own employees to target. This is to be achieved while the company creates a good working atmosphere in which employees perceive themselves to be valued and invest in their skills. Appropriate means for this are like interesting Team building or funding and training programs. Even which one Onboarding process is becoming increasingly important in internal personnel marketing combine. New employees should feel comfortable from day one.

External HR marketing: pull yourself up

Through this external personnel marketing you have the possibility of the Strengths of your company visually from the outside to testify and stand out from other providers on the job market through your unique selling points. This process is intimately linked to employer branding, this remaining goes beyond personnel marketing: 

Employer branding: this is how it works

this Employer branding tried a specific Employer image to build through continuous work. If you present yourself to the employer of your choice, your attractive company profile will most likely also attract the right job candidate. 

This external personnel marketing, on the other hand, starts at specific points and focuses on special means new contributorsmedia and new contributors put to advantage. In addition to classic instruments such as job advertisements, this also includes recruiting at universities, upwards career fairs and this example of various social media channels. Because equally through effective postings in the social networks, company owners can increase their level of awareness even before the first contact with candidates, do image campaigns and communicate company values. The same methods can also help Increase the attractiveness of the company and qualified contributors to gain advantage.

Personnel Marketing Instruments: You Make a Choice

In order to find your ideal candidates, you have a whole range of options available to you. We have summarized the most important for you:

Job advertisements: virtual and corresponding

Depending on the target audience, you can post your vacancy remaining very different channels switch. Quite traditionally in newspapers, on your own website and on the local employment office as well as on various job portals such as XINGStepStone or LinkedIn. For which design of which job advertisement you can try something new, because "0815" was yesterday. Your creativity can pay off for you when your display stands out from the rivalry and the right candidates get you up to speed.

Meanwhile are alike social networks A promising hunting ground for each company upwards which search for new employees: So you can go to the model for companies upwards Instagram or Facebook Create a meaningful job advertisement with the advertising manager in no time at all and present it precisely to your target group.

Image campaigns

In order to increase your level of awareness and to increase your attractiveness as an employer, you can Image campaigns remaining Social media be effective. The aim here is to improve the public image of a brand or a profession. In this context, jokes are a popular tool for breaking down an existing stigma.

Career page on your company website

If your image campaigns are victorious, some interested candidates will certainly take a look at your website. Give them the opportunity to spy on vacancies remaining on your side and ideally yourself simply to apply in a form. In addition, at this point you can show your motivation with speculative applications for the label.


Up-and-coming talents can equally well up Training fairs or university events be recruited. Recruiters should be able to convey the company values lucratively in their first contact with potential employees and combine these genres with a strong first impression.

Few companies come into consideration when it comes to recruiting unconventional ways: Understandably, this creative sector excels in this field. The Finnish advertising agency Mirum Helsinki created a perfume from the sweat of its employees called “Creative Essence” and sent it to potential candidates. Active sourcing methods, for which recruiters approach potential employees with vitality, can help for long-term mutual connection and acquisition of new employees.

Job interviews

During an interview, not only the applicant is put to the test, but also which potential company owner. Because job seekers often send several applications and combine them with an overall view of their options. During the interview you should respect from there not only the hard facts remaining about your company, but your company beyond that personable and employee-oriented showcase.

Personnel marketing: examples from different channels

Not only in social networks do numerous companies show how convincing one is Personnel marketing campaign can look like. Here are two inspiring examples:

Krauts locomotive

the Deutsche Bahn uses humorous postings upwards in personnel marketing on Instagram. Because the DB chooses this format Memes (funny pictures with text that are often shared on the WWW) in order to show the millennials upwards the career opportunities for which German locomotive in the matter and to stimulate the sharing of their contributions. Foreman Yoda sends his regards in the current sample, from May 2021.

Personnel Marketing Deutsche Bahn


Good job advertisements do not stand still in relation to the size of the company. Or is it? cosee is a software company based in Darmstadt and employs 30 people. the Online job posting on whichever company website is designed in a conciliatory manner, luculously structured and leaves few questions unprotected. A real liaison person made of meat and juice, whom applicants can contact in various ways, clarifies further questions privately.

This respective job is represented from which goal of an employee. The same goal contributes significantly to the credibility for. Even the Quick info to the emergence of which display appears plausible. Flexible working hours, drinks, meditation and yoga as well as company events are just some of the goodies that the company owner gives prospective customers a chance. The result: Applicants knowledgeably all of the important things, cosee is a modern, capable and attractive company owner.

Personnel marketing-cosee

Conclusion: HR marketing steers this image of an employer

A shortage of skilled workers and an unprecedented one transparency The remaining company owners and working conditions combine a labor market created, upwards the company owner vying for qualified skilled workers and trainees. Because company owners would do well to differentiate themselves positively from their competitors in the field of workers. Here comes this Personnel Marketing into play, because it serves exactly that purpose. Secure the best candidates for yourself through targeted personnel marketing.

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