Good morning! Do you run a website with WordPress/Cloudflare and have the problem that you lose a lot of advertising revenue because people use adblockers? Adblock losses are negative and counterproductive!

Here we explain how you can easily enter Install WordPress Ad Blocker Plugin and use it successfully against adblocker users.

The tool: Admiral Wordpress Plugin

Adblock plugin WordPress: Admiral

Admiral is a WordPress plugin used to Block ad blockers and increase sales. This tool can be used to target users with Adblock Plus, for example, in order to encourage them to deactivate the ad blocker.

Create an account on the site and just add your page.

Installing the plugin

To Download the plugin install this directly in your WordPress dashboard. Activate it and enter your PropertyID (Website ID) from Admiral's dashboard.

After setting up the plugin, you can start creating an anti-adblock message. You can also do this very easily in the Admiral Dashboard. To do this, simply go to the "Engage" section.

Note that the complete tool is in English. But even if your English is not that good, you can use the plugin. You get used to it.

Settings in the Admiral Dashboard

Admiral Dashboard

Activate the plugin and then go through the settings at Admiral. Caution: Not in Wordpress, but on! The plugin only links the Admiral account, so to speak, the settings themselves can be made directly on the Admiral website.

Don't forget to set the settings correctly so that the message is also displayed. Don't make the same mistake we did and think that installing the plugin is the end of it. You need to set the top button (pictured here) to On.

You can make further settings by clicking on Edit on the right.

What can the plugin do?

  • all statistics are visible in the dashboard (above measure).
  • You can ask users with ad blocker to activate the ad blocker
  • You can also exclude users with ad blockers from your site

Try the plugin and get your ad revenue, which you get for example through Google Adsense! Especially as a publisher and author, it is important to generate income. Everyone needs money for their daily bread.

Best of all: It's free

You can use this WordPress plugin for ad blockers free of charge, and thus better secure your income. One thing is clear: you will never be able to ask everyone to deactivate the ad blocker - but this tool makes a lot of things easier. You can also use it to "lock out" blockers, although we wouldn't recommend that. But to each his own. You can also set the reminder to turn off the blocker to appear every hour (or every minute).

There are rarely free tools that we can recommend (quality comes at a price, sure) - but Admiral is one of the free tools that we definitely recommend! Try it and let us know what you think. We are curious.

This post is not an advertising post and is solely my own opinion

This post is a recommendation for countermeasures against ad blockers. We do not make any money or other funds from this. We believe that recommendations can also be made free of charge - and we hereby do so.

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