2021 belongs to WordPress 64.1 percent of the CMS market share. No wonder, because largely 40 percent of all websites run through the provider. The simple upper and the diverse, expandable functions of the open source software make it the most popular method to create your own website or a weblog.

How to do WordPress using Plugins In this blog post you will find out more interesting and which functions the additional programs have ready. 

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For what purpose are WordPress plugins used?

Plugins are Software componentsthat can extend the functions of WordPress beyond different class. The additional programs are above this backend of the Content Management Systems (CMS) Installed. Since WordPress is such a well-known provider, many stand still free Plugins available. 

With the help of a plugin, you can use additional applications that help you optimize your website. For example, they will help you in this case: 

But the plugin functions do not end there in the long term: Among the 58,000 plugins in the WordPress directory, there is a suitable problem solution for almost every challenge. 

Install free plugins above WordPress Dashboard

If you have decided to manage your website using WordPress, you can use the Functional scope of the CMS extend with the help of plugins. The best part is that most of them are even free. 

To install a plugin in WordPress, do the following: 

  1. Register at www.yourwebsite.de/ wp-admin in the WordPress user area. So you end up in the Dashboard of the backend. 

    Sign in to WordPress

  2. Here you click in which page navigation also "Plugins".

    WordPress plugins in the sidebar of wordpress

    Screenshot: WordPress Dashboard

  3. Select in which navigation or from the "Install" button of the same name. This will take you to this WordPress directory.

  4. Now give away one in which search line keyword to find the plugin you want. For example, if you are looking for a plug-in with which you can optimize your meta title and meta description, give away “SEO” in the search. 

    Search WordPress plugins by keyword

    Screenshot: WordPress directory

  5. You will now be shown plugins for the entered keyword. Select one of the programs. 

  6. To install this plugin, click the “Install now” button. 

    Install WordPress plugins

    Screenshot: WordPress directory

  7. Now you have to activate this plug-in, click the "turn on" button above, in order to start using it. 

Activate WordPress plugin

Screenshot: WordPress directory

After you have completed the installation, you will find all your plugins in which navigation under "Installed Plugins". Here you can deactivate or delete the applications in the same way if you no longer use them. 

Installation of paid plugins

In addition to free applications, there are also in the same sense Premium pluginsassociated with fees. Many plug-in providers are initially offering a free version with which the right of first refusal to upgrade later and activate additional functions. 

The values can be both unique or nonetheless associated with a subscription. 

Become premium plugins straight acquired the respective provider above. There is also the option to add WordPress plugins to marketplaces like Codecanyon or Envato to buy. 

After the purchase you have to upload this plugin to WordPress and install it. To do this, save the zip file of the additional program on your computer. Then move as follows:

  • First log into the backend (as described above). 

  • Now click on “Plugins” in whichever page navigation.

  • Select in which navigation or above the button of the same name "Install".

  • Now click the "Upload plugin" button. 

Add WordPress plugin via zip

Screenshot: WordPress directory

  • Select the previously saved zip file and then click on “Install now”.

  • Finally, you have to turn this plugin on. 

Upload via FTP: Install the WordPress plugin manually

In the same way, there is the option of using plugins using FTP client upload. One advantage of this method is that you can install multiple WordPress plugins straight away. Which is seldom popular FileZilla FTP client

In order to upload this additional program via FTP, you have to do the zip folder first unzip. Then move as follows:

  1. Establish a connection to your FTP server.

  2. Now move to this directory / wp-content / plugins /.

  3. Here you have to save the unzipped folder. To do this, drag and drop the files into this directory without any problems.

  4. The uploaded plugins now appear in the “Installed plugins” overview of your WordPress dashboard.

  5. In order to be able to use the plugins, you have to turn them on. 

You should consider this when installing plugins

Plugins are a great - and often free - way to Additional functions for design which own website to use. However, too many installed plugins worsen the performance of your site. In this respect, initially earn in experience, which plugins you really need

In addition, you should always clarify whether the plugins with your theme and other applications that you use, compatible are. You can also use the “Settings” menu item to make adjustments and tailor this plug-in to your needs. Plan that there are applications in the same sense that are not configured above the general settings, but combine new menu items in which navigation is created. 

Before you decide on a plugin, you should clarify in the same way whether this tool is also a current status is. If the last update was several months ago, you might be better off looking for a plan B. The ratings also give away the compatibility and scope of delivery of the tool. You should be careful when dealing with plugins that rarely or usually have bad ratings. 

Conclusion: Plugins expand the functionality of WordPress

WordPress plugins are a great way to expand the functionality of your CMS. So you can with the help of which additional programs Live chats put the Search engine optimization push ahead or Backups make. The installation can be carried out unsolicited at the top of this dashboard or via an FTP client. Always make sure that your plugins are compatible with other applications and that they provide an up-to-date version. 

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Originally published March 1, 2021, updated March 01, 2021

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