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Remove viruses / malware from WordPress

Has your website been hacked? We'll bend it back. Contact us!

  • Guaranteed success, otherwise your money back

  • Virus scans

  • technical updates

  • we will continue to look after you

  • transparent costs

Wordpress security

WordPress hacked? Not with us!

Has your website been compromised? We step in and look at the problem. We analyze the website and the malicious code in detail and remove them. We secure your website and are happy to give you tips on how to avoid virus infection with malicious code in WordPress.

We secure your website in the long term and will be happy to take care of maintenance afterwards, so that you can lean back. Sometimes the problems cannot be solved by yourself, then we are there!

Wordpress Virus

Wordpress contaminated? We'll clear it up!

We remove Malicious code from your WordPress installation. You should act quickly to fix the damage to your website immediately.

We will do it:

Immediate help with satisfaction guarantee

  • Remove the malware (cleanup)
  • Remove all backdoors
  • WordPress & plugin updates to the secure version and security gaps close
  • Remove Google Malware / Blacklist Warning
  • Tips and help on how you can protect yourself against future attacks


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    About LK Media

    With over 10 years of experience, we have already supported numerous driving schools with their website!

    We take care of your web and IT consulting, WordPress websites and support many customers in the technical maintenance of their websites. If you also need technical support for your WordPress website, we look forward to your inquiry!

    Website support

    WordPress - simple and secure.


    We maintain the website, install updates for WordPress and plugins, as well as technology (PHP, SQL, etc.).

    Adjustments to your website are also possible at any time. Without any technical know-how on your part, we will make changes!

    If you have any questions, we are always available for you via WhatsApp, email and telephone. Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

    Increase the number of visitors

    Thanks to our SEO measures, your website will slip to first place on Google!


    Increase sales

    Your company benefits from our service in the form of sales growth.

    Sales chart

    Do You Have Questions? Here are some answers.

    What services do you offer?2020-09-29T16: 01: 35 + 00: 00

    The creation of websites, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine ads (SEA), social media management (SMM), graphic design / corporate design.

    What areas do you know your way around?2020-09-29T16: 02: 18 + 00: 00

    Our core competence lies in the area Online / web: Web design, online marketing, search engine optimization.

    How are the prices?2020-09-29T16: 13: 35 + 00: 00

    Since we plan our activities with each customer individually, we cannot provide any information about the prices here. Before you order, we will make you a non-binding offer, including a price, of course.

    How can you be reached?2020-09-29T16: 22: 26 + 00: 00

    By phone on 07229 6979358 (also via WhatsApp), or by email at info (at)

    Do you also offer maintenance contracts?2020-09-29T16: 25: 47 + 00: 00

    Yes. We basically offer all of our customers to maintain their website. We also maintain advertising campaigns (Google Ads) and Facebook / Instagram ads.

    What about data protection?2020-09-29T16: 27: 46 + 00: 00

    Our websites comply with data protection regulations. That means: Including encryption, data protection declaration, various settings on the server for the purpose of saving IP / cookies, etc. pp.

    What is Google SEO?2020-09-29T16: 28: 52 + 00: 00

    SEO is short for search engine optimization. Long word, in a nutshell: This means taking measures to ensure that the website is found easily under certain search queries. The best: All of our websites include an initial optimization!

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