Set WooCommerce in multiple languages

If you run an online shop and deliver abroad, you should set up your WooCommerce shop in multiple languages. How does it work and what are the advantages? That is our topic today.

Why you should use WooCommerce in multiple languages

Many people think creating a multilingual website is difficult. You can easily (and automatically) have your shop translated. There are plugins that make this work easier for you or even take it completely off your hands. The advantages of a multilingual website:

  • Discoverability of your shop (SEO)
    Multilingual websites are ranked better (and more often) by Google. Google works by language or country. So if your shop is displayed in French, Google will notice this and list it for French customers as well. In general, because the website is multilingual, it is easier to discover.
  • Easier to serve visitors
    There are people who live in Germany but can speak English, Russian (and so on) better, for example. So give your visitors a choice and they will understand your website more easily.

Installation of the language plugin

So that your shop can go online in several languages, you first need a plugin that will make your work easier. I recommend the plugin for this GTranslate or Weglot. Both plugins have a simple structure, are cloud-based and can translate your website in seconds. Today we dedicate ourselves to the installation of GTranslate.

Log into your WordPress admin area and go to Plugins on the left, then Install Plugins:

Plugins > Install

There you search for "GTranslate" and install this plugin:

1 picture
GTranslate is one of the best translation plugins for Wordpress and Woocommerce.

By the way: I use GTranslate on all of my international websites that have global relevance. A 15-day free trial is included right here, so you can be sure it's the right plugin.

Setup of GTranslate

If you have installed the plugin, you will find the item "GTranslate" on the left under Settings/Settings. Open it and you will find the following window:

gtranslate settings
Set WooCommerce in multiple languages ​​10

I recommend the following settings:

  1. Widget look: Nice dropdown with flags
  2. Translate from: (here you choose your language in which you originally created your website)
  3. Sub-directory URL structure ON
    Why? Because you create a subpage for each page, which is then the other language.
  4. Sub-domain URL structure: off
  5. Enable URL Translation: Depends on, if you have chosen the subscription for it, you can switch it on.
  6. Add hreflang tags: TO (important)
  7. Enable WooCommerce Email Translation: AN
    This is basically the setting for customers to receive the order emails in their own language.
  8. Open in new windows: Off
  9. Auto switch to browser language: ON
  10. Show in menu: none
  11. Show floating language selector: Bottom left or Bottom right (depending on whether the language setting should be left or right, your decision)

You can leave the rest as it is. Select the languages ​​below to which your website should be translated.

I recommend using the following languages ​​(my opinion)

English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese

Of course you can also choose other languages, but these are the ones I use the most.

Don't forget to save at the end. Otherwise the settings will not be accepted.

Test if your website has been translated

If not, clear your cache (if you use a cache plugin like WP Rocket).

Open the home page and you should see the language selection menu (bottom left or bottom right). Choose a different language and see if the page is translated. Important: Above all, check whether products are translated. These are particularly important in WooCommerce shops.

Everything worked? Or not really? Feel free to write it as a comment, I will be happy to answer you to help you.

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