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I am a digital freelancer in the areas of web, graphics, audio, video

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I'm Lucas Hello!

I've been sitting in front of the computer since elementary school. I put my first website online when I was nine years old. I practically grew up with it and love to pass on my knowledge and skills.

I am easy, flexible and reliable in my communication and offer my "full service agency" - services for small and medium-sized companies. Advertising that stays in your head.

By the way: You can write to me directly via WhatsApp.

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Get started successfully on the internet. With me as a freelancer.

With great passion and my creativity I work as a marketing consultant, web designer and SEO freelancers for your success and get you online. Draw attention to yourself and let me place you online. We develop strategies for your online success, such as branding, corporate design, marketing campaigns, direct marketing, web design, presentations and offer you the right web design.

By concentrating on your online marketing, I ensure that you are successful online. My customers are mainly small and medium-sized companies, lawyers, driving schools and architects as well as engineers.

Let me transform your brand into something that sticks in your mind.

You can find my services here:

  • Get started online

Web Design - Creation of your website

The own website is the official one flagship of your company. Present yourself on the internet. I would be happy to create your own website with an individual design and a pleasant user experience.
With me you have a perfect start on the internet and you will be findable. With my website you stand out from your competitors and leave them standing in the wind. Including responsive design (device adaptation) and initial search engine optimization, your WordPress site will be a success.

Web design freelancers
  • Successfully placed on Google. With me.

Search engine optimization

Nowadays it is important to be easy to find by potential customers. No matter how well designed a website is, in the end it has to be easy to find. And this is where I come in: As an SEO freelancer, I take care of the SEO optimization! Especially on Google, Bing, Yandex and other search engines. Because only those who appear on page 1 of Google will be clicked! With me you will achieve your success on the internet.

No matter what industry you work in, potential customers usually look for companies on the Internet and then decide based on the website. A website is the be-all and end-all, and the perfect place to start introducing yourself. However, many forget that the website must also be well listed afterwards. That's what I take care of SEO freelancers!

Search engine optimization
  • Success outside of the internet too

Classic advertising that stays in your head

Sit back and relax while I take care of your marketing, advertising and online presence. I create the web design, carry out SEO measures, but also offer classic advertising, the creation of graphics, flyers, brochures and prepare everything up to the final print and production. I will accompany you on that as well.

Secure an offer for classic advertising.

  • photography

Photography service in Rastatt, Baden-Baden, Karlsruhe

I would also be happy to take pictures of you or your product. Photography is something unique in itself. All photos of me are taken in the highest quality. I respond to all customer requests and leave nothing to chance.

With over 7 years of experience in the field of photography - and digital image post-processing gives me the opportunity to offer my photo service at the highest level.

Photo services: Portrait photography, wedding photography, business photography, event photography

Photographer in Rastatt
  • Help with computers

PC service

As a PC expert, I would be happy to take care of yours Server, offer IT services or data backups. I would also be happy to set up your new router or smartphone.

But further updating or maintenance is often tedious and demanding. Don't worry: I'll be happy to continue to serve you on an ongoing basis, without any high fees! With my Wensote care you will receive an all-round carefree package after the creation of your website! I maintain and update your website for a fixed monthly fee. Have your website created by our marketing agency and we will continue to take care of your website after it has been created! Contact us to learn more about our service. We advise and support you in the areas of Karlsruhe, Rastatt, Baden-Baden and Bühl.

PC Service Rastatt
  • Let me digitize your company

Digitalization of your company

I digitize and simplify business processes. I have already helped numerous companies to digitize their work processes. I can therefore offer special IT and cloud hardware. From vServers to root servers I can offer everything here.

Make your company digital.

What is a freelancer?

A freelancer is an individual, self-employed person who is paid for an activity (an assignment). A freelancer pursues an activity and works on orders and projects from a company or a client.

Why a freelancer and not an agency?

  • Less expensive as one person works solo

  • a direct contact person for questions

  • usually shorter processing time, since no "assembly line work", as is often the case with large agencies.

From planning to implementation. All from a single source.

It is extremely important to me not just to be a service provider, but also to be a contact person. Use my services in the area Webdesign & SEO if you want to be successful online.

Use my know-how in the areas of marketing, web and SEO to your advantage and work with me. Together we get the best out of your budget. We will be happy to provide you with a cost estimate so that you can get an overview of the costs before we really get started with your project. Experience has shown that the right strategy leads to an increase in sales. We see the first results after a short time!

Transparent, monthly term, flat-rate remuneration, free initial consultation and regular reporting.
Sounds good? Then feel free to contact me today.

Get started successfully on the internet. With me as a freelancer.

With passion and creativity I work as a marketing expert, web designer and SEO freelancers for your success and get you online. Draw attention to yourself and let me place you online. We develop strategies for your online success, such as branding, corporate design, marketing campaigns, direct marketing, web design, presentations and offer you the right web design.

With a focus on your online marketing, our agency does everything to ensure that you are successful online. Our customers are mainly small and medium-sized companies, lawyers, driving schools and architects as well as engineers. Our advertising agency in Rastatt is there for you.

Feel free to work with us. LK Media

Frequently asked questions about my service

I have put together a collection of questions here.

How long does SEO take?2022-03-21T11:29:21+00:00

Search engine optimization is a long process takes a few weeks and months. It is best to stay on the ball in the long term. The first results can already be seen after a few weeks.

What services do you offer?2022-03-18T13:21:03+00:00

I offer the following: The creation of websites (web design, Wordpress), search engine optimization (SEO), search engine advertising (SEA), the creation of graphic design/corporate design of any kind!

What does SEO cost?2022-03-21T11:28:17+00:00

Since I have to plan my activities with each customer individually, I cannot give a general price statement here. Before ordering, I will make you a non-binding offer, of course with a price. You then decide whether you hire me or not. Just contact me without obligation!

How can you be reached?2022-03-18T13:22:04+00:00

Telephone: 07229 6979358
WhatsApp: 07229 6979358
Email: info(at)

Do you also offer maintenance contracts or further support?2022-03-18T13:25:11+00:00

We will continue to look after you, yes. Basically, I offer all customers regular maintenance of their website. We recommend this of course, as you still have to maintain and manage a website. We also maintain advertising campaigns (Google Ads) and Facebook/Instagram ads.

What about data protection?2022-03-18T13:25:40+00:00

Our websites are data protection compliant. That means: Including encryption, data protection declaration, various settings on the server for the purpose of storing IP/cookies, etc. pp. If you have any questions about applicable data protection laws, please contact a lawyer or legal expert.

What is "Google SEO" and why is it so important?2022-03-21T11:27:26+00:00

SEO is the short form of the English word "search engine optimization". Long word, short sense: This includes all measures that ensure that the website is found well under certain search queries. You optimize your own website for specific search terms and equip the page/s technically in such a way that they are well rated (ranked) by Google!

Attention: All of our websites include initial optimization!

SEO is an important tool to bring your website to the top. You set yourself apart from the competition and bring your website into the rankings.

I take care of customers all over Germany, and maybe soon you too.

Karlsruhe, Rastatt, Baden-Baden, Rheinstetten, Bühl, Offenburg, Hamburg, Munich, Berlin

Do you want to advertise online? Contact me about Google SEA (Ads)!

With my knowledge and services, I take care of the creation of your Google Ads campaign - and continue to take care of the maintenance!

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Ads on Facebook and Instagram

Do you want to start a marketing campaign on Instagram or Facebook? Here, too, I know my way around and can score with over 50+ advertisements carried out.

Social media

Marketing Tips:
How to properly advertise online

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Let's get started.

Contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

Free initial consultation & available daily.

Web design | Graphic design | online marketing

With core competence in the new digital world. Your advertising agency in Baden-Baden

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Lucas Kleipödszus, SEO Freelancer