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The Best Sources for FiveM Scripts (2024)

Whether it's about expanding gameplay, adding new features, or improving interaction between players, the right FiveM mods can make all the difference. But where can you find them? This article will introduce you to the best sources for FiveM scripts in 2024, starting with, the leading platform in the industry. […]

Danger! PayPal account blocked. What to do?

Hello everyone - this is an experience report on account blocking at PayPal In the recent past, I was confronted with three blockings of our PayPal account - twice due to alleged violations of the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) and once with prior notice. In this post I share my experiences with the process, how I went about it and


Burger King, finally makes 'Plantbased Crispy Chicken'!

Dear Burger King (and Crispy Chicken) fans, It's time for a change - a change that will not only please our taste buds, but also our planet. We call on Burger King to finally add 'Plantbased Crispy Chicken' to their menu! In a world where the demand for plant-based alternatives is increasing inexorably,

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